Our Mural

About Our Mural

The west wall of the Morro Bay Library features a unique glass tile mosaic designed especially for our building.

Funded by area clubs and a grant from the San Luis Obispo County Arts Council, the colorful mural was designed by artist Peter Ladochy of Cayucos. Nearly 100 community members under the direction of Mr. Ladochy volunteered labor for the project. Citizen involvement ranged from choosing the mosaic’s theme, to planning, assembling and mounting the finished artwork.

Composed of 125,000 one-inch square pieces of glass, the 650 square-foot mural depicts the history and environs of Morro Bay. A native Chumash Indian, early explorer Juan Cabrillo, and missionaries are pictured along the modern-day city of Morro Bay against a backdrop of blue water and green hills. Native flora and fauna, including a peregrine falcon and sea otter, are woven in.

In July 2009, a group of local volunteers spent almost two weeks restoring the original mural. Organized and financed by the Morro Bay Friends of the Library, volunteers painstakingly reset hundreds of tiny ceramic tiles under the direction of Mr. Ladochy and Steve Proano, a master tile-setter.

Volunteers to be commended for their spirit, energy, and time on the restoration include Rita Brotherton, Catherine Ruestmann, Creighton Decker, Joan Decker, Elaine Du Fosee, Robert Du Fosee, Herb Garfield, David Rosenthal, Roger Ewing, Betsy Kinter, Ben Koppl, Duke Meaney, Berta Parish, Riley Proano, Susan Stephens, Richard Strasburg and Lynn Wickham. The Morro Bay Library staff, Friends of the Library and City of Morro Bay are extremely grateful for their dedication and devotion to restoring this important piece of town history.

Before you visit, download this Morro Bay walking tour brochure as a guide to the many stories represented in this beautiful work of art.